A useful Q and A on certain rule scenarios.


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We list a useful question-and-answer of certain rule scenarios--typical of production environments.


Q1: When MSG exists with and without "+" prefix, are both MSGs the same for EventView?
A1: Yes.

Q2: Does EventView run the 1st defined (of 2 MSGs with same ID) from a ruleset?
A2: No, if the priority field is set for each rule, valid values are 1 through 99, The lower is the best, and is eligible for processing. If no rule priority is set, the last one defined is retained.

Q3: Does EventView run both (of 2 MSGs with same ID) from a ruleset?
A3: No, see answer A2.

Q4: Does EventView run randomly either (of 2 MSGs with same ID) from a ruleset?
A4: No, see answer A2.

Note: The answers above are based on the case where the EventView rule is only defined with a Message Id. If it is defined with part of the message without priority set or priority difference, then the rule will be selected with the best fit according to the text message.

Ex: +GSVX014I xxxxxxx entered command yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Rule 1:

Rule 2:
GSVX014I xxxxxxx

Rule 3:
GSVX014I xxxxxxx entered command

Rule 3 is the best fit.


Release: SLOPEM00200-11.9-SOLVE:Operations-Automation