How do I change the Universe of a custom Web Intelligence (WEBI) Document.


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If you customize the Service Desk schema and save it as another (derived) Universe, you may need existing Web Intelligence Documents to point the new Universe.

This document outlines the steps required to replace the current Universe with new one.


  1. In InfoView, open the Web Intelligence Document, of which you want to modify the universe, in modification mode.

  2. Click on the <Edit Query> button.

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    Figure 1

  3. Click on [Properties] tab located at next to [Data] tab.

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    Figure 2

  4. You can see the current Universe name in the properties of the Web Intelligence Document. In order to change the Universe click on <...> button next to the current Universe name.

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    Figure 3

  5. Select the new Universe that you would like to use, and click on <OK> button.

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    Figure 4

  6. You can see the following "Change Source" window to map Source and target Objects. If the displayed mapping is not that you expected. Change the mapping. Click on <OK> button.

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    Figure 5

  7. Ensure that the Universe is changed to the new one and click on <Run Query> button.

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    Figure 6

  8. Save the Web Intelligence Document.

Note: For CABI (BOXI) R3.x, you also can use the Web Intelligence Rich Client to change the universe for a Web Intelligence document.


Component: SDBOXI


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