Recommendations for reconfiguring a Secondary SpectroSERVER to become a Primary server in a Distributed SpectroSERVER (DSS) environment.


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It may be necessary to convert a Secondary Fault Tolerant server into a Primary SpectroSERVER server.


The first step is to change the precedence of the secondary servers to 10. If this is a DSS environment we will need to perform the same for all other secondary servers too.

As an example we will use the following:

S1 - Primary SpectroSERVER and Main Location Server (MLS)
S2 - Secondary SpectroSERVER for S1
S3 - Primary DSS SpectroSERVER
S4 - Secondary SpectroSERVER for S3
OC1 - OneClick Server

Step 1:
Change the precedence of S2 and S4 to 10 by following these steps:

  1. Stop S1 from Spectrum control panel

  2. OC1 will fail over to S2. (Switch over from Primary to Secondary)

  3. In the OC1 console:

    1. Click on the landscape icon in the Explorer tab

    2. Go to the Loaded Landscapes list on the secondary on the Information tab

    3. Change the precedence of primary landscape from 10 to 30

  4. Wait 5 minutes

  5. Now change precedence of secondary landscape to 10

  6. Wait 5 minutes

  7. Now logon to secondary server and from the <$SPECROOT>/SS-Tools directory run the MapUpdate command:

    MapUpdate remove <LANDSCAPE_HANDLE> -precedence 20

    For more information about using the MapUpdate command see the Database Management Guide.

  8. Uninstall primary (S1)

Step 2:
Repeat step 1 above for S3 and S4 as well. Change the precedence of S3 to 30 and S4 to 10.

Step 3:
In the OC1 console:

  1. Go to the Administration tab

  2. Click on Spectrum Configuration

  3. Remove S1 from the "Main Location Server Name" field.

  4. Replace it with the hostname of S2 which is the current MLS for OC1.

Step 4:
As S1 and S3 no longer exist, remove these servers from landscape map of S2 and S4 using the MapUpdate command:

From the <$SPECROOT>/SS-Tools directory on S2 and S4 run:
MapUpdate -remove <LANDSCAPE_HANDLE of S1/ LANDSCAPE_HANDLE of S3> -precedence 30

Step 5:
On S4 open the Spectrum control panel. On the Location Server tab configure the location server as S2.

Step 6:
Make sure the .hostrc files on S2 and S4 have the correct hostnames of S2, S4 and OC1.

For more information about .hostrc files see page 50 of the Distributed SpectroSERVER Administrator Guide.

Step 7:
Now restart the Spectrum processes on OC1, S2 and S4. Open OC1 to view both the landscapes S2 and S4.


Component: SPCCSS