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Getting Java Null pointer exception for loading or creating Project in DevTest Portal


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Facing Java null pointer exception while loading or creating a project in Dev Test portal.
Actual error: Exception caught when create project: Error 500 - java.lang.NullPointerException


This issue happens when the default project location for Portal Projects has been changed in file in the server using resHub.projects.dir property.

Sometimes this location is pointed to a network location is not accessible. Also it happens that portal is running as a service and the account that has started this service is not able to access the project location. You can verify this by starting the Portal as an application.


Release: Devtest 10.6 & up


1. Make sure the location of project directory has escaped \. For example:


2. Also make sure that the service account starting this service has read/write access to the network project director

Taking care of above two points would resolve the issue in loading or creating projects in DevTest Portal.