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Getting Java Null pointer exception for loading or creating Project in DevTest Portal


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Facing Java null pointer exception while loading or creating a project in Dev Test portal.
Actual error: Exception caught when create project: Error 500 - java.lang.NullPointerException


Release: Devtest 10.6 & up


This issue happens when the default project location for Portal Projects has been changed in file in the server using resHub.projects.dir property.

Sometimes this location is pointed to a network location is not accessible. Also it happens that portal is running as a service and the account that has started this service is not able to access the project location. You can verify this by starting the Portal as an application.


1. Make sure the location of project directory has escaped \. For example:


2. Also make sure that the service account starting this service has read/write access to the network project director

Taking care of above two points would resolve the issue in loading or creating projects in DevTest Portal.