Getting message ESF7026 Bind failed errno=111. EDC5111I Permission denied at startup


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Message ESF7026 Bind failed errno=111. EDC5111I Permission denied is issued at startup of CA Spool and a DS command displays ESF886 LPD Interface is halted.

In CA Spool, the LPDSERV statement is configured with TCPPORT=515.

Subsequently, LPR commands will fail with message EZB1051E Failed to Open connection to Port Number = 515.

This problem is likely to happen when port number 515 is reserved to another task.

This is done in the profile dataset allocated to the TCP/IP stack that CA Spool is connected to.

For example:

  515 TCP LPSERVE ; LPD Server


In case multiple TCP/IP stacks are active, you first have to ensure CA Spool is connected to the appropriate stack.

Technical Document TEC472896 provides great information about how to update the CA Spool task JCL with program BPXTCAFF to connect to a specific TCP/IP stack .

Once we know CA Spool is connected to the correct stack and the problem is still occurring, the resolution will be to either make LPDSERV point to a different port number or assign port number 515 to the CA Spool task.

Modifying the TCP/IP profile requires the TCP/IP task to be refreshed following the appropriate procedures.

If the LPDSERV is given a different port number, the LPD interface can be initialized with a SNET,LPD command.

Refer to the r11.7 CA Spool Customization Guide for the LPDSERV parameters

Refer to the IBM z/OS Communication Server: IP Configuration Reference and z/OS Communication Server: IP System Administrator's Commands manuals for the TCP/IP definitions and operator commands.


Release: CMASLI00200-11.5-Spool-Print Management-Interface for HP Laser

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