Job Stuck in WRSRC Status


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A job has the status WRSRC, waiting for a resource.


Try the following solutions:

  • Check the job status definition to see if the job or jobset is waiting for a resource profile that is locked by another job. If so, unlock the job.

  • Make sure the Resource Location field in the Resource Profile contains a valid and accessible station name.

  • Check the console log for error messages from autoscan or newday autoscan.

  • Check the status of autosub with the command cautil status monitor. Workload may have turned off the autosub process because a job or jobset in the tracking file referenced a nonexistent calendar. The message is: %CASH_E_0490, Calendar errors - STOP AUTOSUB command forced. Workload turns off autosub if there is any ambiguity about when a job should run. When autosub stops, all scheduling stops and no jobs will run. A nonexistent calendar can be in the tracking file if the calendar was deleted after the job referencing it was brought into the tracking file. You can restart autosub with the command cautil start autosub.

  • Find out if the system date or time was changed. If it was, there could be a checkpoint file problem. Stop Workload by entering unicntrl stop sch (Windows) or unicntrl stop sche (for Unix), and rename the checkpoint file. Restart Workload with unicntrl start sch (Windows) or unicntrl start sche (for Unix).

  • Find out if the job is set to run on another machine, and make sure that machine is available.

  • Verify that CCI is working properly.

  • Execute uname -n to find out the hostname defined to the resource. Ensure that the resource is available.

  • Make sure that the station exists and that the case correct.


Release: UWSMWL55500-3.1-Network and Systems Management-Job Management Option