MSMTC fails at startup with MSM0008E - System startup failed - please see error output for further information. Fatal error has stopped the startup was: SafError - Error during DSI java open. RC=13 . Path to 'dsi.conf': /msmserv41/msmruntime/dsi/


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This safError Error during DSI java open, RC=13 is addressed by TEC535343 which points out the host and port parameters in dsi.conf file must match the dsiHost and dsiPort values on the MSM Datacom database. The database is updated with these values from SAMPLIB(DBINIT).

In addition the DSI port may already be in use by another application and not available to MSM and MSM maybe pointing to the wrong location for the dsi.conf file. To verify if the location is correct refer to the dsiConf parm in SAMPLIN(DBINIT).

If all of the above checks out okay and the safError RC=13 still occurs it maybe related to the dsiport being reserved in the TCPI/IP profile. If it is a port reversation issue you should see in the .../scroot/tmp/dsi_client.log file errors like these:

13:37:33.197345|23D19B0000000000? daemon_open_listener:bind(4, failed: errno=111
13:37:33.198990|23D19B0000000000? daemon_open_listener: EDC5111I Permission dened.

This specific example shows the loopback address and port 22130 but this would vary depending on what values you are using.


If the dsi port is reserved in the TCP/IP profile verify that it is reserved to the jobname for the MSMTC startup proc. If it is meant for another application use another dsi port for MSM or change it to be reserved for the MSMTC startup proc jobname. If the jobname is less than 8 characters you could reserve it with an asterisk. For example if the jobname is MSMTC you may use MSMTC* other use 8 characters for the jobname.


Component: MSM