Maileater sets date field with the wrong format


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Maileater sets date fields with the wrong format: the date format setting for the web interface is set in web.cfg (%NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\web.cfg) file but if a date is set when the request/incident is updated via email, the format used is not the one specified in this file and consequently wrong date can be stored.


The date format used by maileater (when the update to the Request/Incident is done via email) is the one defined in text_api.cfg (%NX_ROOT\site\text_api.cfg) file, in the variable 'INCOMING_DATE_FMT'.

Details and syntax:

INCOMING_DATE_FMT = How are dates expected to be entered as input. Valid (d/m/y, y/m/d, m/d/y) 

So, if the web.cfg has a date format in the form "DateFormat DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm" to have the date set via email with the same format, the following has to be used:


Service Desk must be recycled for this change to take affect.


Component: ARGIS