How to determine installed lic98 is okay.


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On Unix/Linux environments the lic98 install has steps:

  • gunzip lic98.tar.gz

  • untar lic98.tar

  • execute ./install

There is no log or checkpoint that would confirm successful installation, so other relevant information will have to be reviewed.


We could check the following things:

  1. The first thing we want to ensure is there was no error displayed during installation.

    1. After installation, we could check the install directory for example /opt/CA/SharedComponents/ca_lic

    2. Ensure lic98.dat is present there which keeps the demo license information.

  2. Also try to execute several executable just to ensure relevant utility binaries are ok:

    liclog -l [show license activity, it may have minimal license including machine info]
    CAmtype [shows machine info]
    lic98version [shows lic98 version]

  3. After all server component are installed, if the broker starts fine then it means lic98 is installed fine.

NOTE: In this document we are assuming it is fresh install and using demo license.


Component: HINFST