How to install CA Easytrieve Simplified Design System Product.


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Where are the steps to install the Simplified Design System, one of the products in the CA Easytrieve family of products?

If registration is needed, please include a link on how to register and gain access to this product.



CA Easytrieve Report Generator Simplified Design Systems



Under Support Online, please go under the product page for CA Easytrieve.

Then under Recommended Reading, you can click on:
Introducing the new value added product CA Easytrieve Simplified Design System (SDS) r1

You need to fill out and submit the Product Download Registration to make the product available to you for download.

Once you complete the registration you will get a Thank you Page where you will see the following:

Thank you for your interest in the CA Easytrieve SDS solution.

Click here to download the product.

At this point when you click on the here you will see the following:

06/10/2009 12:00AM Directory Updates
01/31/2011 12:00AM 66,868,736 easytrieve_sds_1.0.9.v20110128.exe

Please note that you only need to install the .exe file. The updates are included in the .exe file.


Additional Information

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