Advanced Analytics Pre-calculations (Check for New Data) take a long time if you run them immediately after loading new data into your Data Manager database.


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This poor performance is caused by a lack of database statistics. When you first install Data Manager, no database statistics are available in the database. Similarly, after loading new data the databases statistics may be stale. This can cause the Advanced Analytics Pre-calculations within Capacity Command Center and Virtual Placement Manager to run slowly until those statistics are calculated. This performance impact is a feature of all relational databases and is not caused by Data Manager.



Data Manager is configured by default to calculate statistics for the database tables and indexes every night.

If you want to immediately process new data loaded into Data Manager, you can run the statistics job manually by using the Calculate Statistics option within the Data Manager interface, as follows:

  • In the Administration section of the Data Manager menu, click Database Tasks.

  • On the Database Tasks screen, click the Calculate database statistics button.

    For more details, see the Data Manager Administration Guide.

After the database statistics are calculated, you can run the Advanced Analytics Pre-calculations within Capacity Command Center.


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