Modifying the event code 0x00220006 in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


Modifying the event code 0x00220006 in Spectrum

0x00220006 is an event generated on a device when a Communication Link Up and Down pair is received within a 60 second period. Further details are available in the contents pane of Event Configuration for this event but it is not possible to edit it there.

Unlike other events it is not possible to edit the event code 0x00220006 via Event Configuration as it is a rule that can only be edited directly in the EventDisp file.


Release: Any
Component: SPCAEM


  1. An EventDisp file automatically gets created in the Spectroserver in $SPECROOT/custom/Events when adding trap support in MIB tools but if you have not done this, and there is no EventDisp file there already, you can manually create one in this directory.

  2. Add the following entry (and edit the values) in the EventDisp file:

    0x00220006 E 50 R CA.InterfaceFlapRule, 15, 300, 600, "0x00220007 -:-", "0x00220008 -:-"

  3. When manually creating entries such as this in the $SPECROOT/custom/Events/EventDisp file, after finishing adding the entries it is recommended that you should set the .vnmrc event_disp_error_file to any filename. If you do not specify a directory the file will be created in the SS directory by default. Check that file for errors (with syntax etc.) after every EventDisp reload.

  4. After setting this entry in the .vnmrc reload the EventDisp. This is needed due to the fact that the EventDisp file is read and stored in memory. Reload it either using:

    1. The "Update Event Configuration" button in the SpectroSERVER Control sub view of the Information tab on the VNM model in OneClick

    2. Or send an action using vnmsh to the VNM model via CLI:

      update action=0x100a2 mh=<VNM model handle>

Additional Information

Please reference the "Event Configuration" section of the documentation for more information