Resync Generating DSNDB06.SYSDBAUT in Unload and Recreate Jobs


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CA Repository



During the Resync step of the upgrade to release 7.2 of the CA Repository for z/OS, the Unload JCL and Recreate JCL generated are using a DB2 catalog tablespace DSNDB06.SYSDBAUT for many objects.

For example, in the UNLOAD JCL, SYSPUNCH and SYSREC00 datasets are allocated for each step that will unload from a Repository table. This dataset name uses the tablespace name as one of the tokens in the name concatenation. One or more of the repository tables may contain a reference to a catalog tablespace SYSDBAUT. In addition, each Step name in the generated JCL uses the tablespace name as the step which would also be SYSDBAUT in this case.



If multiple steps are generated using SYSDBAUT as the tsname, the first step would complete ok but all others would fail with a JCL error because of duplicate datasets.

Regarding the RECREATE jcl, the DDL generated would contain the following DROP statement for every table that was generated with SYSDBAUT as the tablespace followed by a create.

        IN DSNDB06


The resync process determines the tablespace names by issuing a query against the DB2 catalog table SYSIBM.SYSTABLESPACE using table and database names previously determined within the program. If you run a stand-alone query against SYSTABLESPACE for one of the problematic tables listed in the UNLOAD and RECREATE JCL, you will likely find that the TSNAME listed will be SYSDBAUT. This is a result of having ALIASES on the repository tables. DB2 places aliases within the SYSDBAUT table space.

Before upgrading to release 7.2 of the repository check that there are no aliases defined on repository tables. If aliases are defined, they will have to be dropped prior to the upgrade. Once the upgrade is complete you can recreate the aliases on the repository tables. If you have reached the Resync step of the upgrade and are seeing DSNDB06.SYSDBAUT in the UNLOAD and RECREATE JCL, do not execute them. First determine all the aliases present on repository tables and drop them. Then rerun the Resync job from the very beginning which will produce new UNLOAD and RECREATE JCLs. Once verifying that the new JCL contains the correct tablespace names, proceed with the upgrade. Once finished you can then recreate the aliases that were previously defined.


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