I Can't Check Ap Desktop Show


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CA Automation Point



When you go to Configuration Manager -> Expert Interface -> Automation -> Automation Services Startup Options -> Configure the Show AP Desktop is not checked and greyed out so you can't check it. How can I fix this so it does show AP Desktop on Windows 2008?


This is working as designed per the note in the Help on Automation Point:

Note: This function is available only for Windows Server 2003 and earlier versions. For Windows Server 2008 and later versions of MS Windows this check box is disabled.

This is on initial install of Automation Point.

Here is how you resolve the problem:

Go to Configuration Manager -> Expert Interface -> Infrastructure -> Services -> Configure
Stop the CA-AP Autostart Manager service
Once stopped, you can start Automation Point by either going to Start -> Programs or via command line with the axc2p command.


Component: ATMXC