SCOM Connector not available for Spectrum on Solaris or Linux


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CA Spectrum


How can the Spectrum SCOM Connector be installed to monitor SCOM environments when the Spectrum Server is only available on Solaris or Linux.

The Spectrum SCOM Connector binaries only exists for Windows Platforms.


Release: Any
Component: SPCINT


  1. Check the Spectrum License in $SPECROOT/Install-Tools/LOGS/<SpectrumRelease>/summary* file and make sure the entry "Microsoft MOM Connector" exists.
  2. Check the $SPECROOT/Install-Tools/.history file for the current release and patch level of Spectrum.
  3. A standalone SCOMConnector package is not available. So if the Spectrum Windows DVD is available the $SPECROOT/SCOMConnector can be extracted to the SCOM Windows System based on the extraction key or a Support Issue can be opened with the .history information to request a Zip Archive for the Windows System of the $SPECROOT/SCOMConnector directory.
  4. The Spectrum SCOM Connector has to be run on the SCOM Server or on another Windows Server that has the .NET framework 3.0 installed.