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Tickets from Spectrum are not being generated in Service Desk.


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CA Spectrum


Tickets from Spectrum are not being generated in Service Desk.

In some occasion we may face an issue with a ticket not being generated in Service Desk through the Spectrum integrated. When we enable the debug in Spectrum for the Service Desk integration we end up with the below error in the stdout.log:


(AlarmNotifier) (SDIntegration) - Creating new Service Desk asset with attributes: [ class, cr:2, description, Device asset., mac_address, 20FDF1B10A51, system_name, PEDOPATPAT0F0S1, serial_number, , alarm_id,, name, PEDOPATPAT0F0S1 ]

Error occurred while attempting to create a ticket in Service Desk. AHD05545:Invalid Configuration Item Class identifier (2)

The same error pops up in the Service Desk stdout.log as well.


The error is related to a Service Desk configuration item. It highlights the fact that there has been some changes done to the class of a configuration item in Service Desk. This can happen if a client uses Grloader on Service Desk to import custom code via xml which changes the classes of configuration items.


Release: Any
Component: SPCINT


The steps below will resolve this issue:

  1. Log onto Service Desk server and run the below query in the SQL management studio:
    select * from ca_resource_class where id=2 
    This did not return any rows consisting on "DeviceHardware".

    Note : DeviceHardware is a row in ca_resource_class table which is used to create classes for configuration items for the alarms originating from Spectrum. It is the second row in ca_resource_class table with id=2.

  2. Now as this row is missing from the table in Service Desk it could not associate a CI and thus failing in creating a CI in Service Desk. This in turn is not creating the ticket.

  3. To resolve, deploy the CI's class related row onto the Service Desk server following these steps:

    1. Make a file with name test.txt

    2. Copy the below code into the test.txt file

      TABLE ca_resource_classcreation_date creation_user delete_time description exclude_registrationfamily_id id inactive last_update_date last_update_user name parent_idtenantversion_number{"01/13/2005 17:52:01" ,"Service Desk" ,"","Asset Discovery Class Default" ,"" ,"600" ,"2" ,"0" ,"01/13/200517:52:01","Service Desk" ,"Discovered Hardware" ,"-1" ,"" ,"1" } 
    3. Reload this to the mdb database in Service Desk with the below command:

      -> cmd prompt -> pdm_userload -vf c:\ci.txt
  4. Now with the above command the row named DeviceHardware gets created in the ca_resource_class table of the mdb database.

  5. Check the output with the below commands in the SQL management studio

    select * from ca_resource_class where id=2
    This should return a row with the name DeviceHardware.

    Now Spectrum tickets will be generated in the Service Desk.