TSS PERMIT - What Is The Difference Between A Dataset In Quotes And One Not In Quotes? And A Dataset Ending In A Period Versus One Not Ending In A Period?


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In a TSS PERMIT(acid) DATASET(ds.name) command, what is the difference between a dataset in quotation marks and a dataset not in quotation marks? Also, what is the difference between a dataset ending in a period ('.') and a dataset not ending in a period?


A permit for a dataset in quotes, ie 'CAI.CA90.PPOPTION' limits the permit to the exact dataset name. Without the quotes, (assuming NONGENERIC is not set as an attribute in the RDT for the DATASET resource class), ie CAI.CA90.PPOPTION would be a prefix and would include anything that starts with CAI.CA90.PPOPTION. For example, CAI.CA90.PPOPTION.TEST.

The difference between CAI.TSS.LOAD. (ending in period) and CAI.TSS.LOAD (not ending in a period) is the permit for CAI.TSS.LOAD. would include things like CAI.TSS.LOAD123, CAI.TSS.LOADA, CAI.TSS.LOADB, etc, where as CAI.TSS.LOAD. would limit the 3rd qualifier to LOAD, so it would not include things like CAI.TSS.LOAD123, CAI.TSS.LOADA, CAI.TSS.LOADA, etc. Also, the permit for CAI.TSS.LOAD. (ending in period) does not include CAI.TSS.LOAD.


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