What is the best way to shut down TPX when there are still active users?


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What is the recommended method to shut down TPX if there are still users signed on to TPX?


There are three "graceful" shutdown options:

GOOD : System console command P -This will do normal shutdowns on the VSAM files and cause all sessions to be terminated prior to the task ending. (Not too considerate of users.)

BETTER : TPXOPER command Q TPX -This will cause TPX to shut down gracefully as soon as the last user signs off. New users cannot signon. However, this could take forever.

BEST : TPXOPER command Q TPX,SHUT=xxx, where xxx is either the number of minutes or hh:mm time. This will cause TPX to notify users that TPX will shut down in a certain amount of time, not allow new users to signon and will finally shutdown when either the last user signs off or the SHUT= time is met (whichever comes first).

QUIESCE (Q) is described in the TPX Session Management Operator Guide.


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