Spectrum Infrastructure Manager Service Desk Integration tickets created without CI


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Spectrum Infrastructure Manager Service Desk Integration tickets created without CI

Alarms from Spectrum that generate tickets in Service Desk through the integration between the two products do not get a new CI (Configuration/Asset Item) created, or associated to an existing CI.



In the specific case that brought this issue to light, it was related to Spectrum RTM_Test model alarms for an HTTP URL test.

In that case which also applies to other similar model types and their alarms, the root cause is related to those models not having the ServiceDesk_Asset_ID (attribute ID 0x12db9) associated to them.


Release: Any
Component: SPCINT


The integration is only coded to process Device and Port (interface) models for CI matching or creation in Service Desk. Only Device or Port derived model types will have the ServiceDesk_Asset_ID attribute associated to them.

While all alarms generated in Spectrum, regardless of their model type association, are capable of being processed to Service Desk for ticket creation through the integration, only models with the ServiceDesk_Asset_ID attribute associated to them will participate in the functionality of the integration that will match that alarms related device or port to an existing CI in Service Desk, or create a new CI if no matching one is found.

If you find that your alarms are generating tickets but are not having a new CI created for the associated model, or are not being associated to an existing CI, check the Attributes tab for the model that raised the alarm in the Spectrum OneClick client console. Does it have the ServiceDesk_Asset_ID attribute listed?

If yes, then an issue should be opened with the CA Spectrum Support Group for further investigation.

If no, then unfortunately there is no workaround for this at this time and there is no method available to get a CI created or associated to tickets created in Service Desk for alarms from models of that type. If that is the case and you wish to see a change to the currently designed integration between Spectrum and Service Desk, please open an issue with the CA Spectrum Support Group for submission of an Enhancement Request that will be considered by the Product Management group for inclusion in a future release of the Spectrum and Service Desk integration.