After upgrade of SiteMinder 12.52 from CR1 to CR5 wily stopped working


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


Policy server failing to load WILY Interscope library after upgrade policy server software to a newer CR


[25136/1][Fri Dec 09 2016 10:51:21][SmEventWedge.cpp:289][LateInit][ERROR][sm-xpsxps-06810] Failed to initialize event handler library "/disk/apps/policyserver/siteminder/lib/libEventIntroscopep



Failed to load library caused by upgrading policy server software from CR1 to CR5 - the install replaced libraries used/linked by SiteMinderManager.  The manager is used to capture data from the policy server, it then sends data Introscope Enterprise Manager




Policy server running on Solaris 10 integrated with WILY Introscope Enterprise ManagerSiteMinderManager



Step 1 should already have been done, you can check this steps by reviewing the <Policy_Server_home>/siteminder/config/XPS.cfg



Steps 2 And 3 will need to be redone

To update Policy Server configuration, perform the following steps:

1. Launch the XPSConfig to add one of the following files to the Event Handlers list:

Navigate to the <policy server path>/bin directory and type ./XPSConfig and press ENTER. 

System prompts for “Enter Option (id, L or Q):”.

Type XPS and press ENTER.

System prompts for “Enter Option (D, V, F, # or Q):”.

Type 5 and press ENTER.

System prompts for “Enter Option (CQ):”.

Type C.

You are asked to enter a new value.

Enter the complete path for

System prompts for “Enter Option (D, V, F, # or Q):”.

Type Q.

System prompts for “Enter Option (id, L or Q):”.

Type Q.

2. From the <installPath>/CAWilySiteMinderManager/

SiteMinderManagerAgent directory, copy the to the policy server’s lib directory.

3. From the <installPath>/CAWilySiteMinderManager/

SiteMinderManagerAgent directory, copy the file to the policy server root directory. Thereafter, source it in the Policy Server profile file ca_ps_env.ksh using the complete path.


For example, if SiteMinder Policy Server is installed in the /opt/netegrity/

siteminder directory, add the following line to the SiteMinder Policy Server profile file

. /opt/netegrity/siteminder/


Support except of SMPS after following the steps above 

[4969/-1216915760][Fri Dec 16 2016 07:40:46][Database.cpp:689][InitDB][INFO][sm-xpsxps-00120] Initializing XPS Version 12.52.0105.2113



[4969/-1216915760][Fri Dec 16 2016 07:40:48][XPSAudit.cpp:719][GetAudit][INFO][sm-xpsxps-06870] XPS Auditing is enabled.

[4969/-1216915760][Fri Dec 16 2016 07:40:48][SmEventWedge.cpp:321][LateInit][INFO][sm-xpsxps-06860] Event handler library loaded: ""