Error XCOMN3643E problem writing into the configuration file with CA XCOM for Windows


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When trying to load a .cnf file from a previous release of XCOM for Windows, error XCOMN3643E problem writing into the configuration file is displayed.


This is a permissions problem.


Release: CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows 
Component: xcpcnt


1. Make sure to execute the application as Administrator.

2. The user must have write permissions to the directory from where the cnf is being loaded from.

Ex: If the .cnf file resides in c:\temp, the users need write permission on that directory. 

3. Also in the case of loading any cnf or xml file, the xcom.glb file must also have write permissions.

4. If problem still persists and the .cnf file is in c:\programfiles directory or on another server, try to copy the .cnf file to some other directory other than

      c:\programfiles and try to load from new location. 

NOTE: The c:\programfiles path name will vary according to where XCOM is installed.