The process pdm_intrvlog_nxd cannot be started
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The process pdm_intrvlog_nxd cannot be started


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Following an outage in the production environment (linked to ESX), process  pdm_intrvlog_nxd cannot restart:

11/08 10:06:36.07 FFSERV1 pdm_d_mgr 1972 ERROR daemon_obj.c 1912 Max restarts attempted for _pdm_intrvlog_nxd_FFSERV1 You may reset the count by running pdm_d_refresh from the command line.

This issue occurs on all servers.

The pdm_d_refresh  doesn't solve the issue.


All CA Service Desk Manager servers


Interval logging daemon is one of the first processes to start. It is not dependent on any other process.
Instead it terminates.
Please check jstd.log for exceptions or error messages.
Interval logging java.exe continues to run even after service desk services are stopped. When the services are started, this java.exe should terminate itself and a new java.exe is spawned by proctor.
If the old java.exe doesn't kill itself, you see this problem. Killing the java process manually will help. This problem is usually not reproducible


Look in the Task Manager all entries similar to:

Name: cmd.exe
Status: Running
Command Line: cmd /c C:/PROGRA~2/CA/SERVIC~1/bin/pdm_intrvlog_nxd.bat Windows Command Processor

Name: java.exe
Status: Running
Command Line: "C:/Program Files (x86)/CA/SC/JRE/1.7.0_10/bin/java" -ea -classpath "C:/PROGRA~2/CA/SERVIC~1/java/lib/pdm_intrvlog_nxd.jar;C:/PROGRA~2/CA/SERVIC~1/java/lib/slump.jar;C:/PROGRA~2/CA/SERVIC~1/java/lib/sd-utils.jar;C:/PROGRA~2/CA/SERVIC~1/java/lib/domsrvr_utils.jar;C:/PROGRA~2/CA/SERVIC~1/java/lib/log4j-1.2.15.jar;C:/PROGRA~2/CA/SERVIC~1/site/cfg"

Kill above processes and run pdm_d_refresh


Additional Information

Interval Logging: