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Is there a global command for all users to select all rows returned on a screen to populate the LFREE command for 2500 packages?


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After doing a PK/L option to list all packages and issuing the LFREE line command on the first package, the user would like a method to replicate the LFREE command on every package selected.


One easy solution is to use the "=" line command which works for a small number of packages selected.


RQPKL  R15    -------- RC/Q Application Package List --------

DB2 Object ===> PK Option ===> L Wh Package ===> * > Creator ===> USER001 Collection ===> * > Grantor ===> * Version ===> * > Loc: LOCAL ---------- SSID: D91A ----------USER002 - L CMD NAME CREATOR COLLECTION V O E lfree___ ACTIVE USER001 JELSP2 Y Y N =_______ ACTIVE USER001 JELSP3 Y Y N =_______ ACTIVE1 USER001 JELSP3 Y Y N =_______ ACTIVEA USER001 JELSP2 Y Y N

The required statements will be generated.

When the list is longer, the Plan Analyzer product would be the preferred method.

From the Plan Analyzer main menu Select Option 13) Plan/Package Utilities.

Provide the Selection criteria for the plan/package list.

Once the list is displayed, issue the FREEPACK or FREEPLAN primary command

The required statements will be generated.


Component: RCQ