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eHealth service fails to start after reboot. FlexLM causing eHealth startup issues on Dual NIC Windows systems


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CA eHealth



Note that the customer will need or greater for the license.dat file provided in the original submission to act as a permanent license. In eHealth versions prior to that, it will act as a "30-day demo" license.


This issue affects the Windows platform only for systems with dual NIC. When a customer does an upgrade or update to 6.3.0rtm or higher, eHealth fails to start up afterwards.

There are no errors in the log files. From command line, there could be an error message similar to: "aborting in 60 seconds".

Solution: Copy the default license in place as follows:

  1. Stop the FLEXlm License Server63 Service.

  2. Move the %NH_HOME%/lmgr/license.dat file into %NH_HOME%/lmgr/license.dat.orig

  3. Copy the %NH_HOME%/lmgr/license.dat.old or %NH_HOME%/lmgr/license.dat.6.3 file into %NH_HOME%/lmgr/license.dat.

  4. Start the FLEXlm License Server63 Service. 5. Start the eHealth63 service.

If you don't have a %NH_HOME%/lmgr/license.dat.old or %NH_HOME%/lmgr/license.dat.6.3 file, contact Technical Support.

The content of the %NH_HOME%/lmgr/license.dat.old or %NH_HOME%/lmgr/license.dat.6.3 file should be:

 # license.dat - empty license file for FLEXlm license manager 
 #        Copyright (c) 1995 - 2004 Concord Communications Inc. #
                      All rights reserved.

SERVER this_host ANY 5057
DAEMON ccilmgrd ./
# DO NOT REMOVE THE NEXT LINE. At least one FEATURE is needed to start FLEXlm.
FEATURE ccilmgrd ccilmgrd 1.000 permanent uncounted 8C5864398634F2D6A0FA "" ANY


Component: EHPOLL