Absolute Scheduling Times in JMO


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When using 'Absolute Scheduling Times' in JMO, times are independent of new day autoscan.

By default, the interpretation of scheduling times continues to be relative to the new day autoscan.

Using this, let's look at the difference in behavior.

When the new day autoscan is set at 02:00, using the default behavior, all jobs with early times prior to the autoscan get scheduled the following day. Everything after runs as expected.

Using the absolute times, the job would run as soon as it's early time is reached (assuming all of it's conditions have been met).

We see jobs defined with times prior to the autoscan time are actually eligible to run right after the autoscan.

If the autoscan time gets moved forward, the behavior remains the same.

If the autoscan time get moved back, jobs whose early times now fall at or later than the autoscan, run today.

When absolute times are used, the times remain relative to midnight and are eligible to run when their early time has been met on that day. Jobs can still be scheduled to run the following day by specifying an early time greater than 23:59.

To activate this option:

Windows: In the Configuration Settings, Options - Job Management tabs

Unix: Default setting is in file $CASHCOMP/sche/scripts/envset

#  CAISCHD0013 controls if times are relative to the new day autoscan
#              or are absolute times. Absolute times are not adjusted
#              depending on the time of the new day autoscan. The use
#              of absolute times allows the new day autoscan time to
#              be changed without affecting job run times.
export CAISCHD0013


Component: CA90S