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Thank you for your continued use of CA Clarity Project & Portfolio Management from CA Technologies, empowering you to innovate with agility, transform your portfolio with confidence, and sustain the right investments to manage business needs.

CA Clarity PPM v13 includes three important new capabilities plus dozens of user interface enhancements.

  • We've Simplified the User Experience to increase flexibility, ease of use, and user adoption including more intuitive navigation and menus, improved lookups and short cuts, and spreadsheet like editing capabilities.
  • You can Realize Rapid Time-to-Value with low impact Upgrade for faster implementation, personalized project management, end user personalization, automated financial management, and HTML 5 broad browser support.
  • Support for Agile Planning with best practice agile and traditional methodologies, team collaboration in real time with Chatter, and the roadmap visualization delivers graphical representation of releases in a roadmap view.

The following information will help you prepare for your CA PPM Clarity v13.1 upgrade. Please carefully review this information prior to upgrading.


  1. Plan a CA Clarity PPM Upgrade Assessment

    To help you plan for your upgrade, CA Services offers an upgrade assessment which is performed by CA Clarity PPM professionals through an on-site workshop. The assessment can help you uncover answers to important questions before you schedule and plan your upgrade. We will document findings and makerecommendations to help you make well-informed decisions regarding your future upgrade. Speak with your account team or CA Services at about integrating this solution into your environment.

  2. Review the Upgrade Documentation

    Carefully read the CA Clarity v13.1 install and upgrade information to understand changes from previous versions, comprising the following materials:

  3. Review the CA Support Site Prior to Upgrade

    Leverage the CA Clarity PPM v13.1 Upgrade site for up to date upgrade information. Check the CA Support site for recent patches to ensure you have the latest version levels for CA PPM Clarity v13.

    Search the Knowledge Base, using "clarity13*", for recent articles.

  4. Join the CA Clarity Global User Community on MyCA

    Become part of the conversations around both technical and business topics in one of the largest and most active CA communities. In the Clarity Community you can share ideas, information and insights among peers and technical experts. Subscribe to the Clarity General Discussion, Tuesday Tips, and Product Update categories on the message board to learn more about Clarity solutions.

  5. Leverage the Online Solution Assessment (OSA) to generate a report that provides you with a synopsis of your Clarity product usage, descriptions of features not being utilized with the benefits of those features, how their usage compares to other CA Technologies customers and access to additional CA Technologies resources.

  6. Contact Technical Support

    CA Support Online provides 24x7 access to self-service information and case management. Standard Support is also available and includes 24x7 emergency coverage and regional telephone support for product defects and assistance.

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