How to handle IEC030I B37-04 message when trendpfx.O01005.Lvssid.Dyyyyddd.Thhmmss datasets it reaches 16 extents (FULL)?


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Vantage started task issued message:

IEC030I B37-04,IFG0554A,SAMS,SAMS, SYSnnnn,nnnn,volser, trendpfx.O01005.Lvssid.Dyyyyddd.Thhmmss

VAN0167I All Log Space Used - Reallocation Will Be Done


Increasing the SYSPARMS MSGSHOTS will only allocate a larger log and it will survive longer before it breaks.

Increasing the SYSPARMS MSGNMBRS will only keep the number in message memory buffer for viewing without retrieving messages from the System Activity Log object.

Vantage will automatically recover from the B37 and allocate a new log file. The logging continues when Default SYSPARMS LOGBREAK value is FULL.

Do not recommend to change LOGBREAK value unless encounter a lot of breaks (and B37-04s).


Component: VANT