How to update Action Packs of Release Automation?
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How to update Action Packs of Release Automation?


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


Access and download PDF file whose title is "Where to find the most current Action Packs for download". This PDF file explains to access following link to download latest Action Packs.

Input the URL in a browser. Next login with Support Online credential, and then "Page Not Found" is occurred. 


Release: NOLNAC99000-6.1-Nolio-Automation Center


Direct link doesn't work properly. We need correct steps to access the URL.


There are 2 ways to update Action Packs.

Option 1: Download jar file and import it using Automation Studio (ASAP)

1. Access
2. Login (Upper-right) with your account.
3. Input "Release Automation" into middle box on the screen.
4. Mouse over [Knowledge Center] and Select [Product Pages].
5. Select [CA Release Automation Action Packs] under [Recommended Reading] section.
6. Select action pack you want.
7. Download jar file.
8. Open Automation Studio. 
9. Select [Administration] tab - [Action Management].
10. Select plus icon to import action pack.
11. Select downloaded jar file.


Option 2: Update using Release Operations Center (ROC)

1. Open ROC.
2. Select [Administration] - [Action Management].
3. Select [Available Packs] tab and found action pack you want to update.
4. Check box on left hand and click [Download] button.
5. Click [Continue] on [Install Action Packs] dialog.