How do I fix a CAS9140E error in BDRIM01?


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While installing CA Datacom/DB and running job BDRIM01, the error CAS9140E - INIT ERROR: CCSRIM 14.00.00CAS9 VER , INITIALIZATION ABEND is produced. How do I resolve this error?


This error is produced in CA Common Services CAIRIM processing, and there are several things to check in the environment to correct this.

  1. In CA Common Services version 14.0, CAS9GLVL is delivered in the CAI.CAW0LINK authorized load library which must be defined in the System Linklist (it must be in the Linklist and not in STEPLIB). In addition, the CAI.CAW0LOAD loadlib can optionally be in Linklist, but both libraries must be APF-Authorized. Please see the CA Common Services Installation Guide for version 14.0 for further details.

  2. Check that the CAIRIM parm specifies INIT(CAS9INIT), i.e.: PRODUCT(CAIRIM) VERSION(CAS9) INIT(CAS9INIT)

  3. CA Common Services version 14.0 or higher must be installed via IPL; i.e.,r12 cannot be running and then run CAS9 to try and reinitialize to version 14.0.

The most common error (#1, above) is in the allocation of the various CA Common Services loadlibs in APF definitions and Linklist configurations. Once the libraries are configured correctly, and the version 14.0 system has been loaded via IPL, the BDRIM01 job should run correctly.


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