Clarity: The path node does not exist in the repository error received when running Clarity reports


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When running reports from Clarity, an error appears.

The path node does not exist in the repository

This is due to permissions on the BO serer being incorrect.


Delete the user from Business Objects (BO)

Run the 'Create BusinessObjects Users' job from Clarity.

This can be done manually from BO as well

Assign security CA-PPM-ReportRun-ACL to the ca-ppm-reporting user (group).

The procedure follows:

  1. Login to the BO Central Management Console as the Administrator

  2. Open the drop down box at the top left, choose Folders

  3. Open the Manage Drop Down, choose Top-Level Security > All Folders

  4. Press 'OK' button on the dialog box asking 'You have chosen to set Security for the Top-Level folder'

  5. Press the 'Add Principals' button

  6. Select 'CA-PPM-Reporting-User'

  7. Press 'Add and Assign Security' button

  8. Choose 'ca-ppm-reportRun-ACL' from the list and move to the right column

  9. Press 'OK' button

Test the reports from Clarity.

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Release: ESPCLA99000-13.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus