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Clarity: Investment Team Members Inactive, Rate Matrix Resource Class Column Configured, Populate Cost Plan, Error Rates Missing


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Trying to populate a Cost Plan generated the following error message:

REVMGR-20726:Rates are missing for one or more roles/resources

When all Project Team members are active, the population of the Cost Plan from Team generates without error. When 1 or more team members are inactivated (resource active status ; not the resource financial active status), the population of the cost plan generated the error message. The Rate Matrix must be configured specifically with the Resource Class column and NO DEFAULT row configured. Under the specific use-case described, the cost plan will not populate.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a Rate Matrix that is configured with the 'Resource Class' as a column in the configuration.
  2. Add a specific matrix row that is NOT a default row - pick a specific resource class ; be sure the dates on the matrix row will cover the entire date range of the test project dates
  3. Create an ACTIVE resource with active financial properties
  4. Create a Project with scheduled dates in between the dates of the matrix
  5. Configure the Project Financial Properties to specify the defined rate matrix
  6. Add the ACTIVE resource to the Project Team and Assign the resource to a task
  7. Create a Cost Plan > Populate from Investment Team OR Populate from Assignment - works as expected
  8. Now go to the Resource Properties and mark this resource as 'INACTIVE'
  9. Go back to the Cost Plans - Populate from Investment Team OR Populate from Assignment - the error message appears


Expected Result: The Cost Plan should be populated without using a default matrix row for inactive resources
Actual Result: REVMGR-20726:Rates are missing for one or more roles/resources


None. Adding a default matrix row will allow the cost plan to be populated, using this row for the inactive resources. However, doing this will apply the default rate to the inactive resource for all past ETC or Allocation values; the amounts for the inactive resource will be skewed because the correct row is not selected in the population action.

This has been documented as CLRT-69533 and is in review with development.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-69533, clarity13open.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus