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Webagent OverlookSessionForUrls ACO and wildcards usage


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In the Webagent guide, there a description of the Agent Configuration
Object (ACO) OverlookSessionForUrls (1). Are wildcard accepted ?




A multi value parameter is accepted but this parameter does not accept
wildcard. A complete URL should be defined.


Additional Information




      Specifies a list of URLs against which the Web Agent compares
      the URLs from all HTTP requests. If a match occurs, the Web
      Agent does not create or update an SMSESSION cookie. Also,
      cookie providers (if configured) are not updated for that

      Default: No default

       Example: Use a relative URL, such as
       /MyDocuments/index.html. Do not use an absolute URL, such as
       Note: If you configure the OverlookSessionForMethods and
       OverlookSessionForUrls parameters, the methods are processed
       before the URLs.