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Spelcode is being processed on primary when using secondary servers to access Service Desk Manager


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If you have a conventional configuration with a primary and at least one secondary server, you may notice that the spelcode is being processed by the primary and not the secondary even when you are logged into Service Desk using a webengine on the secondary server.


CA Service Desk Manager 12.9 and upPrimary/Secondary - Conventional Configuration


This is caused by the secondary webengine(s) not being configured to a specific domsrvr, but rather configured to point to "ANY" domsrvr.    The webengine on the secondary may connect to the domsrvr on the primary, and thus the spelcode is executed on the primary and not the secondary.


Edit the configuration in CA Service Desk Manager by going to Administration > System > Configurations, and set each webengine to use its own dedicated domsrvr.    Then you must run pdm_configure on all secondary servers, and then on the primary to invoke this change.  Once configure is run, and the systems are started back up, the webengine(s) on the secondary server(s) will only connect to their own dedicated domsrvr, and the spelcode will then be executed on the secondary server(s) and not the primary.

Additional Information

See this section of the documentation for more information on configuring a secondary server: