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What are the implications of terminating the primer utility whilst it is running?


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)



Ran primer utility as documented in Appendix A of admin guide. Primer utility sent all 85,000 CIs to the reconciler, but has not exited gracefully and the information displayed in the CMD window is unchanged after 12 hours.


If the primer utility is terminated mid-stream a partial reconciliation of the CMDB should take place and it should be run again at the next convenient time.

The utility can run for many hours, sometimes appearing to be stuck and it is recommended to run the utility as follows:

  • Save a copy of Tools\Priming Utility\
  • Edit the file and remove "BinaryRelationship" from the "SOI_Service_Synchronization_Types" list.
  • Run the utility a first time.
  • Edit the file again, and set "SOI_Service_Synchronization_Types" to just "BinaryRelationship".
  • Run it a second time
  • Optionally restore the saved original.


Component: SAMDB