Business Objects WEBI reports can not interpret Clarity date format


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  1. Create a Webi report

    1. Login to the BO server using the above link
    2. Click Go to Infoview
    3. Click New, Web Intelligence Document
    4. Select the CA Clarity universe
    5. Click Edit Query button if not already selected
    6. Expand Project Related info
    7. Expand Project Current Fact
    8. Drag 'Project Name' and 'Start Date' to Result Objects section
    9. Drag 'Start Date' from Result Objects to Query filters section
    10. For Start Date click the properties icon and select Prompt
    11. In the prompt field type date
    12. Click the Run Query button
    13. Enter a date using the calendar widget and click the green double arrow to bring to the Enter value section
    14. Click the run Query button - the report should run
    15. Click the save icon and enter 'date' for the title. save in Public Folders, CA Reports, CA Clarity, press OK

  2. Create a Report definition and run the report from within Clarity

    1. Login to Clarity
    2. Go to Admin tool, Reports and Jobs
    3. Click new and enter:

      Job Def Name: date
      Job Def ID: date
      Description: date
      Executable Name: date

    4. Click save and continue
    5. For Parameter Label, enter: date
    6. Click Save and Exit
    7. Click home button
    8. Click Reports and Jobs link
    9. Run the 'date' report and enter the date parameter value. **The day value must be 13 or greater. For example: "26/10/2009" -- This occurs because the day and month are getting switched. **

The report runs with any date specified

The report fails if the "Day" value in the date is greater than 12



This has been identified as CLRT-46347(Open). If you experience this issue please contact Clarity Technical Support for current status of the defect.



Component: PPMENV