Configuration error with CA Deliver in Step 10 with SB14-04


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Step 10 of the configuration of CA Deliver 'create initialization parameter statements' is failing with an SB14 reason 4 because there's already an empty RMOPARMS member in the output dataset. We saw this happening during a configuration of CA Deliver r12.0 and using Syncsort MFX for z/OS in this environment.

Below are the results of this action:

Service Return code: SB14

Service Completion code: 0

JES Messages:

12.55.09 INDIGO   STC52443  IEC217I B14-04,IGG0201Z,MSMCAUX,MSMCAUX,SYSPRINT,8E04,PPD167,                           PD.DLVR.R120A.JOFBA121(RMOPARMS)12.55.10 INDIGO   STC52443  +WER999A MSMCAUX ,MSMCAUX ,        -  UNSUCCESSFUL SORT B14 S REASON=0000000412.55.10 INDIGO   STC52443  IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT                           SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=B14  REASON CODE=00000004                            TIME=12.55.09  SEQ=02986  CPU=0000  ASID=00B3                            PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  075C1000   80DBB886  ILC 2  INTC 0D                              NO ACTIVE MODULE FOUND                              NAME=UNKNOWN                              DATA AT PSW  00DBB880 - 41003038  0A0DB20A  00509808                              AR/GR 0: 009D7A18/00DBBA94   1: 00000000/A4B14000                                    2: 00000000/00017230   3: 00000000/00DBBA5C                                    4: 00000000/009D5178   5: 00000000/009D550C                                    6: 00000000/009D54B4   7: 00000000/009D550C                                    8: 00000000/009D54D4   9: 00000000/009D6CA0                                    A: 00000000/00FB0EB0   B: 00000000/00DBB59A                                    C: 00000000/009D6CA0   D: 00000000/7F645D20                                    E: 00000000/00DBB59A   F: 00000000/00000004                            END OF SYMPTOM DUMP

The MSM message displayed is:

MSMC0234E Service execute IEBGENER error: ABEND=SB14 U0000 REASON=00000004


The root cause of this SB14-04 ABEND is the result of a defect in the Syncsort MFX for z/OS program product. SYNCSORT replaces the IBM IEBGENER program with a program named SYNCGENR. That program has a defect where it OPENs the data set allocated to SYSPRINT with the EXTEND option, even if the data set allocated to SYSPRINT is a member of a PDS(in this case the member called RMOPARMS). But a member of a PDS cannot be extended and any attempt to extend a PDS member fails with a SB14-04 ABEND during CLOSE.

SYNCSORT APAR SY70470 corrects this defect.

Please contact Syncsort MFX for z/OS support to get current maintenance.


Component: MSM