How to change Encryption Key for R12.x Policy store
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How to change Encryption Key for R12.x Policy store


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On



Unable to change r12.x policy store Encryption key as per the documented steps in bookshelf:

Steps mentioned in bookshelf:

  1. D:\>XPSExport D:\temp\xps_export.xml -xa -xs -xc -passphrase xxxxxxxx (masked
    actual password)
    [XPSExport - XPS Version 12.0.0305.427]
    Log output: XPSExport.2012-05-30_001716.log

  2. D:\>smreg -key xxxxxxxxxxxx (masked actual key)

  3. D:\>XPSImport D:\temp\xps_export.xml -fo -passphrase xxxxxxxx
    [XPSImport - XPS Version 12.0.0305.427]
    Log output: XPSImport.2012-05-30_002301.log
    CA-XPS:LDAP0012(FATAL) : Unable to locate XPS branch of the LDAP tree.
    CA-XPS:UTIL0005(FATAL) : Unable to initialize the XPS library.


Following are the complete steps to change the Encryption key for r12.x policy store

  1. XPSExport with required options

  2. Smreg key <encryption Key>

  3. Ensure that EncryptionKey.txt is updated in bin folder (check for timestamp)

  4. Restart Policy Server and close smconsole window if already opened

  5. Keep watch smps.log

  6. You will see errors in XPS initialization and policy server stops proceeding further.

  7. Open Smconsole

  8. Select Data Tab Re-Enter applicable Policy Store/Key-Store/Audit Logs/Session-store Passwords again and test for successful connectivity

    (Policy Store/Key-Store/Audit Logs/Session Store) and click Apply. (you must apply the changes otherwise you will see errors again while policyserver coming up)

  9. Start Policy Server from smconsole

  10. Keep watch smps.log ensure Policy Server is up and running

  11. XPSImport with applicable options.

  12. XPSImport will be successful


Release: ESBTXM99000-12-TransactionMinder-Extended Support Basic