Loading the Master Catalog in CA SAM


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The Master Catalog for CA SAM is downloadable from the CA Support site for CA SAM.


The Catalog is delivered as a .zip file which you will then import.

  1. Downloading the catalog from the support.ca.com site

  2. Open and login to the CA SAM application as the admin user.

  3. Navigate to Exchange->Exchange directory.

  4. Click Browse to find and select your catalog .zip file.

    Leave the other options at their default.

  5. Once the catalog .zip is selected, click the Upload File button.

    Notice the bottom of the screen changes, listing two .xml files.

  6. Click Import for the catalog_step1_data_sources.xml line.

  7. You will be prompted if you really want to import.

    Click OK on the prompt. When finished, it will display the summary of the steps it performed.

  8. Scrolling all the way to the bottom, you will notice that there is still a .xml file in the list.

    Click Import on the catalog_step2_main.xml line. You will again be prompted; Click OK.

  9. Please note that this step in the process can take quite some time to complete;

    please wait until it completes and the summary screens shows again.

    *Note* It may take a few hours.


Component: CASAM