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What are the list of unsupported options for CA Business Intelligence Installation when used with ecoGovernance 3.x?


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CA ecoGovernance



This document explains the incorrect options of CA Business Intelligence installation.


The following are NOT supported with CA Business Intelligence (CABI) installation for ecoGovernance 3.x

  1. Installing CABI on a Domain Controller.

  2. Oracle Database is the only supported for CABI (despite product may work with others such MS SQL)

  3. Installing on a machine where the Windows default security settings given to the local Administrators group have been modified.

  4. Tomcat is the only supported web server (despite product may work with others such IIS)

  5. Installing from a network drive.

  6. Same CABI server cannot be used / shared for ecoGovernance and Clarity. In that case, you need a dedicated server for each product (one for ecoGovernance 3.x and another one for Clarity 12.x/13.x).


Component: ECOGOP