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Login window for each portlet in UMP


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Sometimes when the user opens the ump page, he gets a login screen on each of the portlets in the page.


UIM / UMP 8.47


1. Wasp checks the Account_, Group_ and User_ tables for the user. If they are not found, or if the password given is incorrect, it goes to the primary hub to find the user and/or re-validate the credentials (in the event of a password change).

2. The hub looks in the nimsoft.dta file to find a Real Nimbus User which matches the login name given to UMP. If none exists it looks at the CM_Contact and CM_Account tables in the NimsoftSLM database.

3. If such a user does not exist in the previous tables and if LDAP integration is enabled, the hub checks the credentials vs LDAP.

4. On a successful authentication the wasp creates a record in tables called Group_ and Account_ and User_ and stores this user's information in those tables.
This is a "Liferay Account" and is completely separate from the others.



recreate the liferay account:

1. Access your UMP page as Administrator
2. Select My account from the drop menu under your user in the page
3. Select users
4. Select the user with the problem
5. Click actions
6. Deactivate user
7. type the deactivated user name in the advanced search field so you can see it again as it will not show up with your active users.
8. Select the deactivated user and select actions
9. Delete the deactivated user
10. Login as the deleted user, as liferay will regenerate the user automatically.