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Oneclick for eHealth (OCE) displays "Error: com.concord.frameworks.reportUtil.RuException: Invalid request" when Service Profiles management is open


Article ID: 49085


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CA eHealth



After checking the web report logs, the following error message was found:

------------------------------------------------------       at org.apache.tomcat.util.threads.ThreadPool$ at Source) 	Caused by: com.concord.frameworks.reportUtil.RuException: getDacDocModel:            File "DA_Weekly_Report_lw.657914396.1000011.dac"... Line 19: The value "1K" is 	unknown or invalid. 	at com.concord.frameworks.reportUtil.SrvcProfileMgr.getDacDocModel( 	at com.concord.frameworks.reportUtil.SrvcProfileMgr.getSrvcProfilePropsVO( 	at com.concord.frameworks.reportUtil.SrvcProfileMgr.getSrvcProfilesList( 	... 21 more     ------------------------------------------------------ 

It would appear that the DAC file in $NH_HOME/ehealth/reports/dataAnalysis is the source of the issue.

When the DAC was investigated, it was found that:

splitPoint3 1K 

We no longer support this syntax. Note that this will only occur on a system where the DACs have existed in previous revisions of eHealth and existed through an upgrade to eHealth 6.3, and the problem is still rare.


Correct the entries in the DAC files. Change this:
splitPoint3 1K

To either of these options:

splitPoint3 "1.0 K" 	or 	splitPoint3 1000

Search for entries in $NH_HOME/ehealth/reports/dataAnalysis/*.dac files for entries like 1K, 3K, 5K, etc. Correct any entries found.

Changes take immediate effect and do not require a restart of eHealth. Once the changes are made to all files, the management list may then be opened.


Component: EHOCE