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A FileWatcher job is failing, the message in the autorep detail report suggests it is looking in the wrong directory


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CA Workload Automation AE - Business Agents (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) Workload Automation Agent



FileWatcher job running to failure, message suggest it is looking in the wrong directory

FAILURE         10/03/2012 07:49:25    1  PD  10/03/2012 07:49:25
<The C:\Program Files\CA\Workload Automation AE\SystemAgent\WA1_AGENT\temp does not exist or not a directory>


This can happen if the job definition setting watch_file was as follows:

watch_file: c\:temp\jm27791   
When it should have:   
watch_file: c\:\temp\jm27791

Without the \ before temp the PATH the agent would be using a relative PATH.
It would start in the agent's landing directory.
C:\Program Files\CA\Workload Automation AE\SystemAgent\WA1_AGENT


Release: ATSAGE99000-11.3-Workload Automation AE-Remote Agent