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The SSI started task is failing with a NY3901 SMF FACILITY INITIALIZATION FAILED error message since installing Ca Common Services(CCS) V14.0


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Place hlq.CAW0LOAD in linklist or in the SSI started task steplib in order to resolve the problem.


With CCS V14.0 the CAILOAD library had been split out into 5 new libraries. Three were recommended for linklist in the CCS install documentation. CAW0LOAD was not, but contained a module (CAISMFQ) needed by the SSI.

Placing hlq.CAW0LOAD in linklist or in the SSI started task steplib resolves the problem.

See technote TEC564200 -
Starting with CA Common Services v14 many new library names are delivered depending on what components are selected for installation. This document will identify what libraries are required to be APF-authorized and what libraries are required to be in the system linklist. While it is not a requirement that all of the load libraries be defined in the system linklist, you may choose to run out of the linklist to remove the need to utilize a STEPLIB in your CA Common Services procs.


Component: NMTIP