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How Web Services parameters correspond to ENF/CCI definitions


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Some aspects and definitions for Web Services and how parameters in the Data Source definition correspond to ENF/CCI definitions in MVS


Component: C21E


The PRODUCT_HOME in the WSTOMENV (see iprfx.iqual.CSIQOPTN), in the ENV= of the Tomcat startup JCL (see iprfx.iqual.CSIQJCL(WSTOMSTC)), also determines the USS folder containing the Data Source definitions, suffixed by /webapps/endevor/. Each Data source corresponds to a file with suffix .cfg in that folder.

Note: It is possible to have multiple of these Data sources under one Tomcat instance, each in fact corresponds to a C1DEFLTS (an Endevor instance).

An example of the setup components , with PRODUCT_HOME=/cai/CADeploy/ESCM/tpv in the environment variables, follows. Given this sample configuration file in /cai/CADeploy/ESCM/tpv/tomcat/webapps/endevor/DSNAME.cfg as shown as an XML file in the Internet Explorer:

Note: if the NAME= does not match the name of the cfg file, you would see this message in the STDOUT of the Tomcat ; '' ERROR. The DSNAME.cfg does not match with the <Name> element" .

Note: a configuration file must remain ASCII coded, see the Installation manual, Page 251, for a way to

EDIT it via TSO ISH.

The JobName=LENWSTST in above DSNAME.cfg must match the label of an ENF/CCI service definition. This service definition , which is found in a parmlib member, in this sample named NDVSPAWN, is deployed via specifications in the ENF procedure like this:


The SPNPAR3 member in above 'SYS2.CCS22.PARMLIB' (see also the Sample in iprfx.iqual.CSIQOPTN(WSEWSCCI)), would then contain the following:

Finally, the WSEWSSTC is the name of a STC procedure, that will be spawned via CCI and ENF by the Endevor Web Service, when a request is issued by the Eclipse-Based UI, or another client. The STEPLIB in the procedure then determines which C1DEFLTS is loaded and used to build the Repository for the Eclipse-UI.


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