CA PPM Beacon Service Fails to Start
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CA PPM Beacon Service Fails to Start


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


CA PPM Beacon Service Failing to start with below error in logs


2016/12/05 11:13:29.658 | Launching a JVM...

2016/12/05 11:13:29.875 | WrapperManager: Initializing...

2016/12/05 11:13:30.781 | CA Beacon Service Starting: Mon Dec 05 11:13:30 EST 2016

2016/12/05 11:13:31.437 | WrapperSimpleApp: 

2016/12/05 11:13:31.437 | WrapperSimpleApp Error: Encountered an error running main:

2016/12/05 11:13:31.437 | WrapperSimpleApp Error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/rsa/jsafe/provider/JsafeJCE

2016/12/05 11:13:31.437 | WrapperSimpleApp Error:  at


CA PPM all versions


It looks like FIPS compliant encryption key is used 


  1. Open $clarity/.setup/scripts/commondeploy.xml with text editor
  2. Scroll down to Line 454  <!-- Standard beacon properties -->
  3. Now look in section starting at line 475, it should look like this:

<when value="">

<proputil file="@{config.file}">

             <!-- NOTE: Do not quote individual class paths - the wrapper API will handle it. -->

             <property name="" autoIncrementName="true" fileValue="${install.dir}/bin/wrapper.jar" comment="Java Classpath"/>

                <property name="" autoIncrementName="true" fileValue="${install.dir}/lib/nsa.jar" />

4. Add the following three lines at the end of the list (line 488):

<property name="" autoIncrementName="true" fileValue="${install.dir}/lib/cryptojce.jar" /> 

<property name="" autoIncrementName="true" fileValue="${install.dir}/lib/cryptojcommon.jar" /> 

<property name="" autoIncrementName="true" fileValue="${install.dir}/lib/jcmFIPS.jar" />

5. Save

6. Now run the following commands:

service stop remove beacon

service add deploy beacon

service start beacon