Clarity: OWB r13.x changing loading pattern via Task Properties Resource has unexpected behavior


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OWB r13.x changing loading pattern via Task Properties > Resource is not working correctly

In r13.0.1 Open Workbench (OWB), when trying to change the loading pattern of a resource assignment from Uniform to Back via Task properties, the Resource tab fails to change at all (remains as Uniform). While if trying to change from Uniform to Contour it changes it to Fixed, and Fixed is changed to Contour. (The behavior seems to choose one position up in the listing of loading patterns).

If starting loading pattern of the assignment is Front and choose to change to Back then it will change to Uniform instead.

In r12.1.1 OWB this seems to work as expected. We noticed that Uniform loading pattern at the time seemed to be at the top of the list, rather than at the bottom as it should be if in alphabetical order.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open a project in OWB with a task that has one resource assignment
  2. Open the OWB Gantt chart view, then click F3 to edit view
  3. Insert column and add from "Resource Information" section the column "ID" and "Loading Pattern" and click 'OK' button
  4. In the now modified OWB Gantt view, if necessary set the loading pattern for this to Uniform
  5. Now double-click the task
  6. In the resulting Task Properties window, go to Resources tab
  7. Under Assigned resources section at the top scroll to the right until column Loading Pattern is visible
  8. From the drop down try to select Back or Contour

Expected Result: The loading pattern to change to the selected loading pattern
Actual Result: If select Back it does not change at all, if choose Contour it changes to Fixed


Change the loading pattern in the Assignment Loading pattern column in the view as per view modification suggestion in step 2 and 3, rather than via the Task properties > Resources tab. However, this means extra work potentially in different views.

Resolved in Clarity 12.1.3 Generic Patch. Reference TEC570813.
Resolved in Clarity 13.1.0 Generic Patch. Reference TEC581256.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-69326, clarity12resolved, clarity13resolved


Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus