CSP (Clarity Solution Pack) reports in Scheduled mode would have incorrect periods for Current Period, Previous Period or Next Period


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When running a CSP report in a Scheduled mode, and selecting a value for Current Period, Previous Period or Next Period, the value for the period does not use the relative value but the one from the previous period


This is a known Clarity defect:

CSP-24 CSP reports in Scheduled mode would always save and use the relative time periods from the exact moment it was scheduled

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Prepare a Clarity server with CSP 3 and BO configured
  2. Connect remotely to the Clarity server : set the time back to 1/1/2013
  3. Restart the services
  4. Connect to Clarity, make sure timeperiods are open for 2012 and 2013
  5. Go to timesheets and note the amount of time Open/Posted etc. for Prior and Current Time periods
  6. Go to Reports and Jobs and schedule Time Compliance report to run every 5 min for Timeperiod = Previous Time period
  7. Once the report completes in Report Log Library, open it
  8. Make sure you see data for previous time period (before 1/1/13), note the amount matches the one we saw as prior in step 5.
  9. Now connect to the server, and reset the date to 8th of Jan 2013
  10. Restart the services
  11. Connect to Clarity, Reports and Jobs, and wait for the report to complete
  12. Once the report completes in Report Log Library, open it

Expected Result: To see data for the week of 1/1/2013.
Actual Result: The week shown will be always the one that was Previous at the time the report was actually scheduled, which means 26/12/2012.

This defect has been reviewed by Development and resolved in CSP 3.2


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus