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How to use the aefc "/dump [sock_number]" command in the aefc interface to the Transaction Enabler.


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How should "/dump [sock_number]" command be used in the aefc interface to the Transaction Enabler?

When using the, sometimes this error message is seen: "dumppgm: pgm not found"


The reason for the error message: "dumppgm: pgm not found", is that an invalid socket number was used.

To find valid socket numbers, use the DISPLAY transaction and on the following screen enter "all" in the Select field. This will list current activity and "Sock" values.

Choose the relevant socket number and then go back to the initial aefc screen to enter the "/dump [sock_number]".

The dump information is saved to the aefad log file assuming the aefad has been started with a suitable trace level (e.g. -t15).

NOTE: it is not valid to use the /dump command with the socket number used by the DISPLAY program itself.


Release: KGNCRK05500-7.6-Gen-CLS Runtime Kit-for Unisys