High CPU usage in ITPAM and Job progress slow


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Symptoms include:

  1. High CPU usage. Usually with the Java .exe process.

  2. High Memory usage on the Java.exe process (>1GB)

  3. Higher than usual CPU and Memory usage of the SQL server.

  4. Many processes backing up and not completing jobs in ITPAM or unusually slow to complete. (may accumulate over time)

This is usually because of the growing Archived instances (~150k).

These tables are not normally deleted as these instances are for "compliance" reasons. In order to cleanup these archived instances, There is the following option.


  1. Start IT PAM Client and go to Configuration Browser.

  2. Click on Orchestrators, right-click and Lock the Orchestrator in the left palette.

  3. Go to Policies tab and Hit Delete Archived Instances. It will bring up a pop up Window to select start and end days to delete archives.

The Window that popped up will remain there till the deletion is completed.

This may take some time to complete depending on size of Archived Instances and number of transactions in Database.


Component: ITPAM