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Policy Server :: Upgrade to 12.5 : Policy Store


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I am upgrading my environment from 6.0SP5 to 12.5 CA SiteMinder. I am running Web Agents and Policy Server with 12.5 CA SiteMinder, but the Policy Store is still 6.0SP5. Why do I get errors when I try to register new Web Agents?


Policy Store 6.0SP5 cannot be modified from a Policy Server 12.5 CA SiteMinder. The reason is that even to register the AdminUI you need to upgrade the Policy Store before. As the Policy Server upgrade documentation states:

How the r6.x Migration Works


Note: You cannot configure a new r12.5 CA SiteMinder agent with an r12.5 CA SiteMinder Policy Server until the policy store is upgraded to r12.5 CA SiteMinder.


4. In stage four, the remaining Policy Server is upgraded to r12.5 CA SiteMinder. The r12.5 CA SiteMinder Policy Servers operate in compatibility mode with the r6.x policy and key store.

Important! Although all Policy Servers continue to protect resources and you have access to the Policy Server Management Console, you cannot administer the Policy Servers. The Policy Server installer removed the Policy Server User Interface during the upgrade. You cannot manage policy information in the policy store until you have installed the r12.5 CA SiteMinder Administrative UI. Account for this time as you plan your migration.


5. In stage five, the r6.x policy and key store is upgraded to r12.5 CA SiteMinder.

6. In stage six, the Administrative UI is installed and registered with a Policy Server. Consider the following items:

You can install the Administrative UI before upgrading the policy store. However, you cannot register the Administrative UI until the policy store is upgraded. Installing the Administrative UI before the policy store upgrade minimizes the amount of time the Administrative UI is unavailable to the policy store.


So to register new Web Agents and to do any changes in the Policy Store you need to upgrade the Policy Store as well.


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